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Skin Whitening is Not Skincare

Skin Whitening is Not Skincare

“Our snow white kit is selling fast, better cop yours now!” – Instagram vendors.

Over time, the concept of beauty standards is redefined to sync with the current trends; whether on the media or off the media. 

The standard for a woman currently is to have a “glowing” skin which means to be as bright as a daffodil with skin as flawless and smooth as Snow White’s. 

Get your organic skin care products for a glowing skin”, “spot that glow”, “our snow white kit is selling fast, better cop yours now!” – Instagram vendors. If you use the popular photo sharing app Instagram, these captions should be familiar. 

Recently, a video was making rounds on social media. A fair young man was seen mixing all sorts of creams together to make an “organic skin lotion”. 

The creams were visible on the video and most of them were “steroids” and body lotions that includes the active toning ingredient agent “hydroquinone”. After this mixology, the mixture will be presented as “organic skin lightening lotion” for a brighter skin – “you will see result in 3 days”.  

What are steroids? 

Steroids are known as man made versions of hormones. Topical steroids are the steroids used on the skin and when it is not used correctly, the side effects include: worsening and spreading of skin infection, stretch marks, acne, excessive hair growth. One of the most widely used steroids is funbact A. 

“When I was 16, I had black spots all over my body, so my mom got me a cream in a tube to apply and…  yes! It worked. I was consistent and didn’t miss any day until I started noticing pink lines on my leg that started stretching gradually. I realized it was a stretch mark, so I stopped applying and boom! My face was covered with pimples that took 2 years to disappear. I still have the stretch marks on my legs. 

Years later, I realized the cream I was using was a steroid and shouldn’t have been used the way I used it.”

FUNMI, 25.

Skin toning agents

On my way to work everyday, I usually come across a giant billboard that is advertising a skin care product. On that billboard is a picture of the award winning actress, Juliet Ibrahim, holding a sample of the product. The whole point of the advert is to say that you can get a fine, smooth skin like hers by using that product. 

Actress, Juliet Ibrahim

Is there a problem? Yes! 

The question is, most of these celebrities and Instagram influences that advertise these skin care products, do they actually use the products? Is any background research done to be sure they are marketing the products with the right information? 

Most of these “organic” skin products they advertise aren’t “organic”. 

Organic products no fit give you fast result in 3 days! 

Lots of these creams, especially the ones that starts with “caro…” contains the “hydroquinone” toning agent. 

In a follow up article, find out the types of toning agents that are mixed into creams and how to spot them… 

Have you had any experience with topical steroids? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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