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Sokoto Madness And The Need To Curb Mob Action

Sokoto Madness And The Need To Curb Mob Action

The unfortunate incident in Sokoto where the mob in the name of religion maimed and burned a lady has brought to the fore the jungle justice perpetrated by people which comes in different ways.

Forget about the “sermonization”, intolerance is intolerance whether religious or political beliefs. Those who can’t tolerate others who have different political views are not in any way different from the Sokoto student. Unknown Gun Men (UGM) kill and eat people who disagree with their ideology.

I have seen people killed in the market just because another person accused them of stealing. None of the people in the mob cared to ask for proof of theft. They just wanted to kill and burn. Our people are not better than those people in Sokoto. Let’s tell ourselves the truth.

A reminder that four students were lynched and burnt to ashes in Aluu in Rivers state happened ten years ago. This should be roundly condemned by all peace-loving Nigerians no matter where it happened. For cultural or religious reasons, we live in a country where millions of people think it’s okay to stone or burn someone to death for doing something that does not sit well with them. These people live amongst us. There are beasts in human clothing everywhere and it’s not restricted to a particular location.

Let us condemn the murderers in Sokoto and the ones in Owerri who kill anyone who disagrees with their leader. All religions preach peace, the crime of a tiny minority can not be the identity of a whole group. The state must bring those boys to Justice and must be with despatch.

Cruelty is loved by many and religion is brought in to camouflage all of this. No one is exonerated here, we are all neck-deep. When IPOB strikes, everyone acts as if nothing has happened, when it happens in the North, the whole country is agog. Let’s condemn stupidity completely.

Religious bigots everywhere. From blasphemy to I’m a Christian, my daughter can’t marry a Catholic or a Muslim and vice versa. We have a long way to go. Love does not exist anymore.

They are denying people a lot of great companions. That is why some people are not in happy marriages, because it was based on societal constructs and not their decisions. We seriously have a long way to GO! But till then, I will enjoy what I can 

Let us all come together and condemn all sorts of killings in this country, jungle justice is barbaric, and to Deborah’s family may God comfort them at these difficult times. May God make peace and unity remain in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, if in your attempt to condemn the Sokoto killings, you accuse religion of 2 billion people of the same offense, you are also prejudiced, irrational, and intolerant. A murderer is a murderer whether Muslim as in Sokoto or Christian as in Mbaise or the Yahoo ritualist in Abeokuta.

The summary is about man’s inhumanity to man. Give it all shades, political, religious, tribal, or race, if humans look at themselves with empathy, a lot of this beastly mentality will fade away. It is as crazy in Western World as it is in Africa, same cruelty.

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