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South Sudan’s minister apologizes for the “worst” roads in the area

South Sudan’s minister apologizes for the “worst” roads in the area

The country of South Sudan has the worst roads in the region, according to research, and the minister of roads has apologized to the public for this.

Following recent torrential rains that rendered roads unusable due to flooding and mud, the condition of the roads grew worse.

In the Western Equatorial state, more than 1,500 lorries bringing food supplies had been stalled for weeks.

Engineers are repairing the roads, according to Simon Mijok Mijak, Minister of Transportation, and in a few days, the lorries will be allowed to move.

According to a survey published by an east African organization, the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority, South Sudan’s roads are “the worst” in the area (NCTTCA).

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According to NCTTCA executive secretary Omae Nyarandi, “the roads in South Sudan are in the lowest level, worst, while you get Rwanda and Kenya being from good to very good.”

He continued by saying that to develop its road system, South Sudan needed to put more emphasis on policy, planning, and maintenance.

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