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The August curse? Celebrity relationships kiss the dust; the price to pay for fame

The August curse? Celebrity relationships kiss the dust; the price to pay for fame

It has been a terrible season within the celebrity circle in Nigeria as the ongoing trend has been either divorce or engagement break-up filling the air.

Whatever August came with, it’s obviously not smiling as once presented and perceived love bonds have been shattered beyond repair. One begins to wonder if all the social media pictures and videos are actually a true reflection of celebrities so-called perfect lives or just a script in lala land where even the vaguest of wishes come true.

First it was the news of one half of the P-Square brothers, Paul, that shocked the air-waves when the wife Anita announced that she was filing for divorce. In case you thought she was just bluffing, she actually filled an application to that affect at an Abuja court stating that her 7-year old marriage had broken due to lack of love and compatibility. Yes, you read that right!

Nigerians were yet to recover from the shock of that news when one of the most eligible bachelors in the media industry, Alex Ekubo’s fiancé announced that their 3 months engagement is off! How??

The buzz created when they announced their engagement months ago was nothing short of electrifying. The wedding tag “#FalexxForever” was trending all over social media, and alot of people were already looking forward to the union, but alas it won’t be happening, at least not now except something drastic happens that can change the mind of the American-born model.

Even though no reasons were cited for the break-up,  tongues can’t stop wagging around the media circle; was he caught cheating? Is it the gay tag surrounding him that has cost him this relationship? The rumours just seem not to go away fully but as any lady would know, dating a “bad boy” within an industry such as his should be ready to hear so many stories, both true and false.

 And we are not done yet! Iyke and Theresa from the Ultimate Love Couple reality show who met and fell in love during the show, and even went further to get engaged after the show (a proof that the message behind the show can actually come to pass) have also called it off. Yes, the love has also developed wings and flown away.

Ultimate love stars Iyke and Theresa on how they almost broke up (video) |  Valid Updates

The funny thing is this, celebrities come to social media to announce their engagement and also come back to announce the end of it, but then ask fans to respect their decision and stay away. Like seriously? How possible is that? The fans deserve a good explanation and not just a random post and the charade that follows thereafter of the pair un-following each other, as if that’s supposed to count for something.

Whoever brought this August curse that is breaking up celebrity couples and engagement should be appeased soon enough as Nigerians are tired of waking up to news of sad endings from their favorites celebrities. 

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