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The Basics of Digital Marketing

The Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, just as the name implies, is the digital way of marketing. It could be a product, a brand or a service. A lot of people argue that Digital marketing is better than the traditional forms of marketing and we can all agree that it is of reasonable truth because:

  1. Helps you to reach your target audience based on their actions and preferences. 
  2. Gives you a medium to easily chat with your audience which in turn will help greatly in increasing trust between the brand and its audience.
  3. It is less expensive

Some of the digital channels that are used are;

Search engines, websites, social media platforms, mobile applications and emails.

Moving forward, there are a lot of forms of Digital marketing like content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, marketing communications, in-bound marketing, mobile advertising, pay-per click, social media ads, e-mail marketing etc

But we are only going to look at six main forms.


This is the use of content like blogs, videos, case study and infographics, by a brand to generate audience interest in their product or their services. 


This is basically a way of increasing the quality of your website by driving traffic. This is achieved with the use of your search engine whereby a brand uses keyword that a user would normally search in relation to that topic to increase your sites visibility.


This is simply when an advertiser pays a publisher when one of their ad is clicked on The publisher’s website.


It is probably the most commonly understood form of Digital marketing. It is the use of social media platforms by a brand to advertise themselves to the general public.


It is a form of marketing that does most of the nurturing of the brands potential customers to become actual customers. It is a way of following up your interested audience by regularly sending them emails that help them understand the product well, while also helping them through the steps of getting that product and using it.

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This is the use of third party to help drive more traffic to the brands website or social media pages. It is when the brand decides to pay a third party—example, an influencer—to advertise their product.

Digital Marketing is one of the lucrative jobs especially when you remember that it can also be a remote job. We’ve probably done a form of it at least once in our lives and so, it can be done by anyone as long as they are disciplined and willing to carry it out.

The hardest part of Digital Marketing is normally the wait and that is why most people give up at that point. Take steps that you are sure of and trust the process.

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