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The Possible Reasons for the Bello’s Marriage Collapse

The Possible Reasons for the Bello’s Marriage Collapse

Once again, famous Nollywood actress and mother of two, Funke Akindele, is making the Nigerian celebrity gossip news for negative reasons. But in this news, the actress’ marriage of several years just hit rock bottom.

Funke and JJC Skillz -her hubby, had quickly become role models for Nigerian couples on what true love supposedly looked like. Below is the list of possible factors that could have prompted the separation of the two.

1. Funke Akindele’s step-son, Benito:

Funke and Benito’s relationship had been a strained one especially when Funke and JJC Skillz were reported to have lived apart for two years. Benito had hastily informed the public that his stepmom was cheating on his dad and vice-versa.

2. Joint business issues between lovers:

the duo was rumored in the media to have had difficult times managing the cash from their establishment, even going as far as clashing on the control of their different investments.

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3. Alleged infidelity:

In an Instagram Live video Benito shared via his page on 20 May 2022, it was disclosed that there were numerous surprising allegations of infidelity in the marriage both from the veteran actress and his father which caused a big fight. The son had then proceeded to tell the public that the marriage was well on its way to splitsville.

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