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The sad reality of huge budget with zero development in Nigeria

The sad reality of huge budget with zero development in Nigeria

We are in the last quarter of the year 2021, the year is gradually winding down. So is the various government from the 3 tiers of government closing and ready for the what to spend in the coming year. It is that time of the year where we constantly hear humongous, bogus and unrealistic amount of money. All targetted at giving hope, but at the end have no impact in the lives of ordinary citizens.

One can not but be amused at how budget keep getting laced with superlatives. It has become a norm for them to comb any available thesaurus looking for big adjectives to further confuse hapless masses, thereby keeping them in the state of perpetual hope, which has been the only thing left of the masses. The hope which they themselves know can not come to reality.

Successive governments in Nigeria only formulate those unrealistic numbers not to better the life of the governed but to the betterment of their selves and their cronies. They only cooked up those figures and tied it up to an elephant project, that in no way will have any meaningful impact in the life of a commoners. How would they know when they don’t care to know, feel and empathize with the average masses that know where shoe is pinching them away in their core areas where  such projects are needed?

What has been the outcome of previous budget presented amid funfare with over-sensationalized title. This year’s budget like previous ones have some things in common which are; the jamboree, title and non implementation of the approved budget plan. It is only during the presentation you hear words like growth, development and sustainability. Year in year out, the total figure in the budget keep increasing with nothing meaningful to show for it

Not for a moment would they pause to reflect on the performance of the previous one to know if it actually has positive impact on the life of the masses. To them, performance does not matter but the wealth they are to accrue from the bogus projects included in the proposal

What should matter is the implementation of the budget to the latter. A budget performance culture which is another term for Budget implementation is very low in Nigeria and the reason responsible for this can be simply attached to high level of corruption among the ruling class. They see every projects as an opportunity to siphon money to the detriment of the larger populace.

I hope one providence will shine on the poor masses of our great country.

Gharny Yeku

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