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SWAGA: Tinubu’s 2023 agenda

SWAGA: Tinubu’s 2023 agenda

SWAGA! Oh yes, it’s called SWAGA, it’s the South West Agenda for 2023 and it’s the Bourdillon political empire that is at the wheels, the unveiling was done in grand style in Lagos and was attended by political graduates and gladiators of the BAT academy.

Yes, you will wonder what’s the BAT academy. It’s the Bola Ahmed Tinubu political academy, a clone phrase in the political world for people who are in the Asiwaju camp.

It’s not surprising the leader of the group came back to the country after the launch, a move many perceived as a signal to the  real begining of the 2023 political race game.

At this point, I will like to opine that irrespective of your opinion regarding Asiwaju, he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the political space for now, he’s the go to guy in the All Progressives Congress and I don’t think it’s important to tell you he has almost all the weapons in his arsenal for the 2023 political game.

Well, some quarters have strongly rejected his candidacy but in reality he’s a citizen and he’s qualified to contest come 2023, something he hasn’t come out boldly to acknowledge, however, with the SWAGA launch there are some take home.

Firstly, it shows the South West has their home in order for 2023. We all know APC dominates the South West, something Asiwaju ensured was possible as he launched a daring bid to conquer each state in the geopolitical zone, without any major break in the fold the South West zone looks set to deliver on the SWAGA mandate.

Secondly, the logo… Yes the SWAGA logo! The SWAGA logo has the Asiwaju symbol, the logo is passing a message, it’s either the mandate is for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu himself or someone from his political fold

Tinubu’s arrival has rattled the political space, not to mention the numerous publicity that his political opponents give to him all in the name of it must not be Asiwaju, we all know there is no bad publicity and from my little experience in the political space, Asiwaju team has got the best public relations guys, who are vast in spinning almost anything

So if it’s not Tinubu, then who? That’s the billon naira question, as people have began to toss the current Vice President name forward in person of Professor Yemi Osibajo. Let me rephrase Pastor Yemi Osibajo, that’s the name he will actually use if he’s to run for the country’s number one sit

It’s just so unfortunate that in this part of the world, we vote based on some certain metrics, if not there’s no need to remind us he’s a pastor, whichever way if he’s the one, he surely will be needing the anointing of Asiwaju and that’s the simple truth.

Whoever it is, know it’s been designed to be from BAT camp

The launch has also shown the camp has was it takes, I know the South South alliance was more than economic ties or security, how the voting bloc of the region will be divided and who gets what is still something I’m looking forward to.

With the SWAGA agenda there’s nothing left than consolidation, consolidating with the other geopolitical zone to forge a formidable alliance regarding 2023.

Well, the South West are prepared? What of our South East brothers, the South South seems not to have  thrown in their hat, you can’t write off governor Wike’s influence, the North are also claiming they must continue.

One thing is certain, there will be power negotiations, something people in the SWAGA camp are very good at, but what of the South East?

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