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The U.K to Tag Certain Refugee Migrants

The U.K to Tag Certain Refugee Migrants

Certain refugee migrants who came into the UK with small boats or in the back of lorries could be tagged electronically under a new trial. The one-year trial could apply to individuals over 18 years of age due to being removed from the country after coming in through what the government terms risky or unnecessary entrances.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had stated that it was an important action to ensure that the foreigners would not get mixed up with the rest of the country. Certain voices have spoken that the government’s plan would treat those running away from prejudice as vagabonds.

The announcement came days after the first air flight transporting the refugee seekers from the UK to Rwanda was stopped after a close-call intervention by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The first persons likely to be tagged would be those who successfully won the argument for their removal from the Rwanda-bound flight.

It has been disclosed that the trial would commence on Thursday, 23 June, in England and Wales, and there would be tests to ascertain whether tagging helped to maintain constant contact with refugee claimants and forward their claims more effectively. The electronic tags would also collect data on the number of people that fled from immigration bail.

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Even though the trial has commenced, the Home Office is yet to disclose whether any refugee migrant had been tagged electronically yet.

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