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The world’s longest-serving president is running for re-election.

The world’s longest-serving president is running for re-election.

The world’s longest-serving president is running for re-election in Equatorial Guinea, where he has ruled for 43 years.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, 80, has presided over a dictatorship that has been accused of human rights violations including torture and disappearances.

Some opposition candidates are running, although they are unlikely to win.

With family members in crucial government positions, the president has a firm hold on the oil-rich country.

According to UK authorities, his eccentric son, Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguema Obiang Mangue, who serves as the country’s Vice-President, has led a luxury lifestyle in the US and Europe and even has an exquisite crystal-covered glove originally held by Michael Jackson.

Professor Ana Lcia Sá told the BBC that the elections were “merely cosmetic.”

“Nothing will change,” said Professor Sá of the University Institute of Lisbon, who specializes in politics and authoritarian African governments. She added that she was “confident Obiang would be elected with more than 95% of the vote.”

This attitude is shared by activist Tutu Alicante, who told Reuters: “On Sunday, people will vote how the government expects them to because you cannot freely express yourself in Equatorial Guinea.”

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“The opposition has no chance,” Mr. Alicante continued. “He will do everything it takes not to lose power.”

Political opposition is hardly tolerated and is greatly hampered by a lack of a free press, as the government owns or controls all broadcast media.

President Obiang, who has previously denied rights violations and election cheating, is assumed to be attempting to repair his international reputation. The administration abolished the death penalty in September, which was applauded by the UN.

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