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Tinubu vs. Osinbajo: More of a political game than reality?

Tinubu vs. Osinbajo: More of a political game than reality?

Political gimmicks and tactics are being played out, and some so-called political pundits are unable to see what’s going on. The seeming presidential imbroglio between Tinubu and Osinbajo, as seen by their supporters, is nothing more than an APC joke designed to put an end to the PDP Party’s chances of gaining power. If Asiwaju Tinubu runs for office, none of his appointees, including the vice president, will run against him.

Many individuals are hesitant to say certain things. Being presidential material is only a small part of what it takes to be president. Osinbajo is aware of the game and has decided to remain away from Jagaban for a while in order to balance the joker code, correct the political permutation, and confound political calculations. Asiwaju will emerge as a need in all of this.

Both Asiwaju and Osinbajo are playing games, and they can see each other through the webcam. Asiwaju is far too clever to put all of his eggs in one basket.

People who are screaming for Osinbajo are not doing so because they adore him, Asiwaju knows. They’re simply attempting to pit the two of them against each other. Total allegiance is essential in governance. Since Buhari has done so, all of the Tinubu loyalists in the Buhari Executive arm of government, from the Vice President to the lowest positions, were not obliged to visit Tinubu in London or here in Nigeria since Buhari (their principal) had visited him.

Both Osinbajo and Tinubu are Oduduwa’s sons and are well-qualified to serve as Nigeria’s president. There’s no need to swap one for the other. One is a political godfather, while the other is the country’s current Vice-President, a position he has held since 2015. Both are political powerhouses. To do so is political ignorance. After all, neither of them has said anything about 2023 until recently, when they stated in various forums that there was a government to lead.

Nobody understood the reason for Osinbajo’s absence from Jagaban’s welcoming party. However, this could be associated with his tight schedule. Let’s see how things play out, but it’s clear that southwest politicians are smarter this time around, avoiding fights that may cost them opportunities.

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