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Tiwa, how did they get your sex tape?

Tiwa, how did they get your sex tape?

Granting an interview to tell the world you are getting blackmailed with your sex tape is one thing – another is, how did this blackmailer get their hands on your sex tape?

Let’s even take it a notch further, why would you record yourself having sex in the first place? 

You have opened all kinds of worms now…maybe it was the plan to get people talking – but remember that things like this can only lead to more worms crawling out from the can. 

And who did you knack in this blue film you talk about? Of everything you said, you never mentioned suspecting this guy abi na girl sef! Is it because they are so trustworthy? Was that why you had the confidence to knack them on tape. 

Kudos to you – whether intentionally or not, your matter is everywhere now. Since you have achieved this round of results, you should take it a little bit further and put the tape in the market. 

A lot of marketers in Alaba will pay handsomely for it. 

The cinemas will be packed. I would suggest you include Silverbird Cinemas as part of the cinema roll out… because it seems they have not seen any business in years. I’m sure they will appreciate it and give you a befitting celeb-filled red carpet, plus prime time on TV. 

Trust naija celebs to show up in style. Ebuka might even giidem another talk of the town design.  

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Madam Tiwa, if there is anything to be learnt from your idol, Kim Kardashian, it should be that the street doesn’t forget. 

My advice is to ensure that this your blue film doesn’t eventually get out… because we have bought our popcorns already. 

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