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Trump and Republicans, what do you say about voter fraud in Virginia?

Trump and Republicans, what do you say about voter fraud in Virginia?

Weeks leading to the just concluded Virginia elections, Donald Trump and other Republican banshees almost blew out our ears drums with cries of voter fraud. 

Now that the election is done and dusted, what has Trump said about voter fraud? 

This would have been a stupid question to ask knowing who Donald trump is.  And as we all knew he would, he has claimed credit for Youngkin’s victory with alacrity. Even before Youngkin himself could comment on his victory. 

Glenn Youngkin (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Sad thing is that American electorates are too busy smoking weed and boozing and banging themselves to take note. I have never seen a more gullible electorates in the entire world of politics.  

The Liberal press? CNN and MSNBC? They are a different level of useless to American “democrazy.”  They are busy looking for the flaws of a President who only took office 10 months ago. Highlighting things that are not his fault to their viewers from morning till the next morning. But guess what?  Their misplaced talking points is why Democrats will lose subsequent elections. 

Just Monday here, Donald Trump made it known to gullible Americans that he was “not a believer in the integrity of Virginia’s elections”. And first thing Wednesday, he took credit for the same election because a Republican won. You would think liberal media would latch unto that and call out the former president, But No! It is always about how Joe Biden has failed in his agenda. Agenda of 10 months. How do you define a useless media?

Immediately after the führer of the GOP’s proclamations, his subjects together with conservative town-criers began out-crawling themselves from their bottomless pits of lies to TV stations and social media to cheer Glenn Youngkin’s for a deserved victory, despite their prior accusations that Democrats would steal the election. 

Remember John Fredericks? The loudest of all GOP vermin and conservative talk-radio host? Remember he said in his October 27 broadcast that “Everything’s moving in Youngkin’s direction and the Republicans, but a lot of fear that this is going to get stolen – they’re going to try and cheat. We’ve got all kinds of irregularities right now going on”.

John Fredericks

Hello CNN and MSNBC, should we ask Mr. Fredericks what he has to say about his supposed “election irregularities” right now? 

What about John Mills the former cyber security official at the pentagon who is now a commentator for far-right Epoch Times? Shouldn’t he be asked about his claims that ballot-counting facilities had poor security and that “people can walk in and out?” – What does he even mean that “people can walk in and out”? Are people supposed to remain loitering inside polling stations after casting their votes? – Should we not ask what he has to say about “walking in and out” now that Youngkin has been certified gov.-elect?

It pains me to have to mention Amanda Chase. A Virginian who you would think should know better, but one who has been banshee-ing about since right from the times of Adam & Eve that the 2020 elections was rigged. Oh… Did you see the crazy interview she did last month where she claimed “democrats are cheating” in the early vote and that she had passed along to the Youngkin campaign that Democrats “are stealing elections in Virginia”? Even though Youngkin himself said he knew nothing about these claims and that the election would be fair. 

Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

But Chase won’t stop the chase… She was one of the first in-line of those to congratulate Youngkin for a resounding victory. With no mention of her prior claims of evidence of fraud and election stealing. 

After everything said, I will stay away from advising the Democrats on anything concerning campaigns. Because like Terry McAuliffe, the Democrats have worked so hard to become WEAK, and DEAF, and BLIND, and DUMB to GOP campaigning antics. If you doubt me, all you have to do is ask Jaime Harrison, the weakest Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee that you would ever see. 

Jaime Harrison

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