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Trump under investigation for espionage, according to warrant

Trump under investigation for espionage, according to warrant

According to a warrant, the FBI earlier this week removed 11 sets of sensitive documents from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Over 20 boxes, photo albums, and a mercy letter composed on behalf of longtime Trump associate and political consultant Roger Stone are among the artifacts that were taken. Information regarding the “President of France” was also found, however it’s not entirely obvious who that is. Any impropriety is denied by Mr. Trump. 

The products, he claimed, were both safe and unclassified. The warrant was part of a seven-page document that was released on Friday afternoon. On Thursday, the Justice Department requested a court to make it public, a move that was thought to be unusual given the continuing investigation. TS/SCI, or top-secret/sensitive compartmented information, is a classification level reserved for material that could cause “exceptionally grave” harm to US security, as can be seen from the list of papers that bears this designation. 

Three sets of “secret papers,” four sets of “top secret documents,” and three sets of “confidential” materials are also included on the list. Regarding the contents of the documents, no additional information was given. According to the order, FBI agents were investigating possible Espionage Act infractions, which make it unlawful to store or communicate potentially damaging national security material. 

Removal of secret papers or materials is prohibited by a separate act; while in office, Mr. Trump increased the penalty for this violation. It can now result in a five-year prison sentence. The search warrant specifies that storage areas and the “45 office” at Mar-a-Lago will be inspected, but not Mr. Trump and his staff’s personal guest bedrooms. Three days before it was carried out on Monday, August 8th, it was allowed by a judge on August 5th. 

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The recovered items, according to a statement by Mr. Trump on his Truth Social platform, were “all declassified” and kept in a secure location. He claimed that if the search warrant hadn’t been executed, he would have been prepared to turn the goods over. “They could have had it anytime they wanted – and that includes long ago,” he said. “All they had to do was ask.” 

The property of a former president was searched for the first time as part of a criminal inquiry on Monday. Many of Mr. Trump’s Republican friends and he have denounced the action as being politically motivated.

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