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US Imposes Sanctions on Arvan Cloud for Enabling Internet Censorship in Iran

US Imposes Sanctions on Arvan Cloud for Enabling Internet Censorship in Iran

The United States has announced new sanctions targeting technology company Arvan Cloud, along with two of its employees and an affiliated company, for their involvement in facilitating Iran’s internet censorship efforts, according to the Treasury Department. Arvan Cloud, known for its close ties to Iran’s intelligence services, has executives with connections to senior Iranian government officials, as revealed by the department.

The Iranian government has been consistently employing internet restrictions and deliberately slowing down internet speeds to stifle dissent, monitor citizens, and penalize individuals for exercising their fundamental rights of expression and assembly, both in online and offline spaces, stated the Treasury Department.

The sanctions specifically focus on the co-founders of Arvan Cloud, Pouya Pirhosseinloo and Farhad Fatemi. In addition, ArvanCloud Global Technologies L.L.C., an affiliated entity located in the United Arab Emirates, was also targeted by the sanctions.

By imposing these sanctions, the United States aims to address and deter the censorship practices employed by the Iranian government, safeguarding the principles of free speech and human rights. These measures underscore the commitment to promoting an open and unrestricted internet that allows individuals to freely express their ideas and opinions without fear of reprisal or censorship.

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Further developments will be closely monitored as the impact of these sanctions unfolds, potentially influencing the landscape of internet freedom in Iran and encouraging efforts to ensure an inclusive digital environment for all Iranians.

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