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Verified Twitter Users Might Start Paying for Blue Ticks.

Verified Twitter Users Might Start Paying for Blue Ticks.

Well, it seems that creating a space for free speech, isn’t the only reason why Elon Musk bought Twitter, as of course he also plans of making money from it.

Reports has it that, Elon Musk has devised a payment system that would see to it Users pay a certain amount if they want to be verified twitter users, which comes with a blue tag.

Being verified with the blue tick on Twitter, is an indication you’ve met all necessary requirements to verify that you are the real owner of that account, this tag is majorly given to important personnel like Politicians, Artists, Actors, notable religious leaders and people of great importance, and this verified tag is given for free.

Report has it that, Musk wants to change “Twitter Blue”, the optional subscription plan to a more expensive plan, whose function is to confirm and carry out verification on users, the subscription plan which was initially $4.99 will now been increased to $19.99.

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All Verified twitter users, will be given 90 days to pay or lose their verification, when the plan comes in operation

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