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WAFCON: Why Waldrum Slams Negative Media

WAFCON: Why Waldrum Slams Negative Media

The Nigerian Super Falcons lost 2-1 to South Africa’s Bayana Bayana on Monday. Nigerians were not happy with the performance of the women’s national team, both the players and the coach were heavily criticized by the media as the defeat was seen as a great disgrace for  Nigerians

Super Falcons manager Randy Waldrum was visibly upset with the Nigerian media, describing the press in Nigeria as very “negative”.

“To be honest, the media in Nigeria is very negative. We don’t want any distractions on our team.”

Luckily, the Super Falcons defeated Botswana in their second group game on Thursday night, but some journalists lashed out at the entire squad, and coach, Waldrum, was once again unhappy.

The Super Falcons manager also criticized the media for giving a false report when the Super Falcons played a friendly match with the Canadian team.

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“You know what? I really don’t want to comment on that now because one thing I want to say is that the press in Nigeria makes a lot of comments that are not correct,” Waldrum said at the time.

It was reported by a Nigerian journalist in Morocco that the coach stopped the media from covering their walk on Thursday.

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