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Waldrum Anticipates Tough Duel Against Japan.

Waldrum Anticipates Tough Duel Against Japan.

The super Falcons camp is bolstering, with 19 players already at camp, as they prepare for their friendly match against Nadeshiko of Japan. And Waldrum, super Falcons coach has said that his reason for fixing friendly matches with top powerful football countries is to improve his team in preparation for the 2023 world cup.

They had previously tested their strength with that of the USA ( world champions) and are ready again to test their strength with that of Japan.

According to Waldrum, You can only improve, if you pitch yourself in the toughest competitions, knowing how organized and strong the Japan team is, it’ll be a great step in preparation for the world cup game, though it might be tough it’ll definitely be of help to them

You don’t get better if you don’t play in the best competition.

“Japan is a world power, they are a very disciplined and organized team.

“They have maintained their quality, they now have physically strong players.

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“It will be a difficult challenge, but it will be a great experience for us as we prepare for the World Cup.

“We have some young players, we need to find out where we are lacking and playing teams like Japan will expose areas we need to improve upon.”

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