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We Don’t Need Mbappe Anymore- Ancelotti.

We Don’t Need Mbappe Anymore- Ancelotti.

Carlos Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s head coach has said that they do not need Mbappe anymore.

If we recall, Mbappe rejected the move to Real Madrid over the summer, after Madrid made an offer for him, instead he renewed his contract with PSG to 2025. According to Mbappe, the PSG president begged him to remain at the club.

When asked if Real Madrid still needs Mbappe, Ancelotti laughed about the question and said that he currently has a great squad, with young and vibrant players, and he also has the Legendary Benzema with him.

 about the reports, Ancelotti laughed:” Lower your arms! I lower my arms to this question! We have a great squad, with young people, with Benzema… many.”

He further stated that he is excited with what Viniscus and Rodrygo have been doing on the team, and with what he currently sees, he has no need for a new player, and he also doesn’t need to change players

“What Vinicius and Rodrygo are doing excites us and right now we don’t think about anyone else. We have no doubts and we don’t think about changing players either.”

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Speaking on Real Madrid’s match with Leipzig tomorrow, Ancelotti said, that the champions league is a competition that gave them enough hope, and large success, and with the kind of squad he has, he’s ready to fight and compete

Ancelotti also said: “It’s a competition that has given us a lot of hope, happiness. It has brought me enormous success and I have a squad with the quality to keep fighting for something like this. We’re going to fight and compete. In the Champions League, you never know what’s going to happen.”

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