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Why Kidnappers Didn’t Torture Me- Abducted Colonel.

Why Kidnappers Didn’t Torture Me- Abducted Colonel.

Rabiu Garba Yandoto, A retired Colonel who was kidnapped on the Gusau Tsafe Road was released on Tuesday after a 10 million ransom was paid for his freedom, however, he said that his kidnap is a blessing to Nigeria as the Kidnappers had no intention to hurt him.

He spoke with some Journalists on Wednesday where he revealed his ordeal in the
hands of the Kidnappers.

According to him, all the bandits which were declared wanted by the Chief of Defence staff had some talks with him, in the forest where they held him captive, they talked about some issues which he won’t disclose to the public now, considering how sensitive they are.

He also said that he was tortured or manhandled neither were his two children who
were Kidnapped alongside him, in fact, they were treated very well. They allowed him to air out his opinion considering his position as a retired military officer,

He also made a shocking revelation that the reason why he wasn’t tortured, was
because they wanted him to pass out some information to the government which is top secret. He concluded that if the demands of these bandits are met, banditry will be closed case in Nigeria

“I am telling you, my abduction would be a blessing to Zamfara state and the country in general. All those wanted bandits especially the ones that are listed by the Chief of Defence staff had a meeting with me in the forest where I was held captive.

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“We discussed so many issues which I will not disclose for now due to some reasons.
They have not tortured me as well as my two children and they treated us very well.

”They allowed me to talk as they understood my position as a retired military officer. I think the reason why they didn’t take drastic action against me was that they have some messages which they want me to pass to the appropriate authorities.

“Some are top secret, some are officials while some are ordinary messages. If both the Federal and Zamfara state government can implement what the bandit leaders are looking for, the end of banditry will be over,” he said.

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