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Why Klopp should be Worried- Keane

Why Klopp should be Worried- Keane

Roy Keane, ex-Manchester United legend, has advised Klopp to be bothered concerning his team’s performance at yesterday’s match in which Manchester United thrashed Liverpool. It was definitely all smiles for United fans as they defeated Liverpool with a 2-1 win, is United’s first win since the beginning of the season, which earned United their very first points.

According to Keane, if he was in Klopp’s position he would be bothered as his defense team was very weak and considering the brawl between Van Dijk and James Milner on the field, this also could have contributed to their poor performance.

“I’d be worried if I was Klopp with what I’ve seen tonight,” the former United captain said on Sky Sports.

“Defensively [they were] very, very casual, going back to the Fulham game, Van Dijk even the other night against Palace, I thought he could’ve done better.

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“Tonight, we made the point about him arguing with James Milner, I know that can happen but it just seemed a bit more than that, more than the normal falling out with a player.”

The season hasn’t been fantastic for Liverpool as their first two matches ended in a draw, and they lost their third match.

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