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Why Ronaldo is Desperate to Leave Manchester United

Why Ronaldo is Desperate to Leave Manchester United

Nani, ex-Manchester United winger, has noted that Christiano Ronaldo has valid reasons for wanting to leave Manchester United.

According to Nani, Ronaldo is advanced in age and does not have the luxury of time to stay in building a strong team for Manchester United. He and Ronaldo played together when the club was still very dominant. From what he knows about Ronaldo he hates to lose. Considering the state of manchester United, he might not want to stay, because it might take time for the club to bounce back to its former state. As he wants to continue being at the top, that includes playing in top competitions and that’s what Manchester United can’t offer him now. 

Nani further admitted that Ronaldo’s mindset might be wrong, but we all are guilty of wrong mindsets at times.

“It’s a long time since we played together and Cristiano is not a kid anymore.”

“Times change and the reactions and attitudes can change as well. But, as we see, he’s doing the same things as usual; he doesn’t like to lose, he reacts when the team is not doing well.”

“But the only difference is that it’s different times. He’s playing again at Man United but he’s been all over the world doing well at different teams with different players. He’s in a team where the managers are trying to build a strong team and it’s not easy, it takes time.”

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“For Cristiano, he doesn’t have time to lose on building teams or waiting for the next season. He wants to continue to be at the top, scoring goals, being the man. That’s why the reaction is normal, we all have the wrong reactions sometimes.”

It’s no news that Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United, whether he is still interested in leaving or not, we don’t know as he has already started the season with Manchester United.

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