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Why the UN Keeps Failing to Guarantee Global Peace

Why the UN Keeps Failing to Guarantee Global Peace

In the wake of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – which is undoubtedly a sovereign state, I have asked myself a lot of questions. One of them is how effective the UN (United Nations) is.

For crying out loud, ensuring that an event like Putin’s invasion of Ukraine does not happen is one of the reasons for having the United Nations Charter in the first place. Unfortunately, this international organization has failed and it is not hard to see how this has happened.

For one, the organization’s structure is questionable. For those asking how; there are a bunch of reasons for this.

Should the UN Still be in Operation?

One of the key reasons for the United Nations charter was to prevent global crises, especially through war. The Second World War had taken its toll on many parts of the world and so losers and (even) winners eventually saw the need to avoid wars in the future.

It should be noted that the formation of the United Nations was not the first attempt at achieving this goal. There was the formation of the League of Nations before the United Nations but it was dissolved. This is because it failed to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War despite the lessons learned from the First World War.

Well, the point is that if the League of Nations was ended because it failed at its primary task, why is the United Nations still in operation? This is a question that needs answers because the United Nations has not just failed once, twice, thrice, but on many occasions.

For those asking how, there is the Syrian Crisis that has not seen closure, ongoing Myanmar internal crisis, religious cleansing in China, and so much more. Why then is the UN still calling the shot on the global scene?

Why the UN Is Continually Failing

Truth be told, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to answering the failure of the UN especially as it concerns ensuring global peace. However, one of the biggest issues seems to be the organization’s structure.

For goodness sake, you cannot make good chocolates out of bad cocoa produce. The structure of any organization is critical to how effective it would be and the UN’s is questionable.

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For one, unbefitting nations call the shot in this international organization. We are talking about the likes of Russia and China. China has been discovered by humanitarian organizations to be guilty of unfairly treating certain religious groups.

This is by confining them to concentration camps for no just cause. These are acts against humanity, to say the least. Even before the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian government has been discovered to try to suppress opposition voices in the country.

The situation involving Navalny (who is currently serving jail time in the country for no just cause) is a good example and he is just one of many. Despite these atrocities, both nations still hold their seat in the UN Security Council even as permanent members.

Truth be told, the structure of this international organization is guaranteed to ensure the organization fails to ensure global peace. The UN itself needs some major restructuring to start with.

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