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Why Women Remember Things Better Than Men

Why Women Remember Things Better Than Men

Why do women seem to remember things, events and situations within events faster and in a detailed format than men?  Maybe this has puzzled you for a number of years now and maybe also you think that men are just so weird for being slow in thinking and recollection of events, but this article would show you why women recollect things faster and why men are slower in catching up.  

Biologically, In 1981, Dr Roger Sperry discovered that between the sixteenth and twenty -sixth week of gestation, male babies have a chemical reaction in their brains that female babies do not have. 

Furthermore, According to the discovery of Dr Roger Sperry who happened to win the Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology in 1981, he discovered that  two chemicals are released whilst a boy child is still in the womb that slows down the development of the right side of his brain which happens to be the caring part. In detail term,  a rush of testosterone flows into the brain of a male child disconnecting the nerve that connects the left brain with the right brain tantamount to brain damage. 

Understand that the right and left brain features affects the memory of men and women. 

This right and left brain character is manifested or possibly can be seen when a man and woman get married.  Men hardly can remember or give you details of how their wedding went except for all the money they saw being spent.  But ask the woman, she can give you in details of everything that happened during the wedding ceremony, from the open to the background perfectly just as they went. You may ask why?  It’s predominantly because a woman’s memory is far more detailed and fully functional in the right brain caring area. 

All husbands know that drowning feeling that comes when your wife ask you ” Do you remember when…?  Then she do a descriptive analysis of the events in lucid details and you can’t remember a thing. She can because the caring side of her brain is far more advanced and sophisticated than that of the man’s. 

Women have to realize that there is a physical and psychological reason why men can’t seem to remember. It isn’t just that your boyfriend or husband doesn’t care, his brain just works differently from yours. This is a proven scientific fact .

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The left brain and right side, features affects the way they respond to crisis and problems.  Take for example,  when something bad happens. The man because he’s only disposed to using the left side of his brain which coordinate logics becomes logical and ask logical questions like : when did it happen?, where?, what would happen now?, what if? And so on. But a woman on the other hand because she uses both sides of her brain and has lots of emotions, would start a pity party for the person or thing in the despicable situation. 

However, understanding the balance between both would bring a healthy balance to the marriage because there are issues that would need a man’s logic, while there are issues that would need a woman’s emotions.  So the both are extremely important.

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