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Why Your Stomach Ulcer Never Gets Better

Why Your Stomach Ulcer Never Gets Better

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, its the fact that a large number of Nigerians suffer from stomach ulcer. The situation of the country made it so. People can barely find food to it, sometimes its not because these things are not available, but because they can’t afford it. Some others have a very very busy schedule that they sometimes forget to eat. Some people’s ulcer is caused by the level of stress they get deal with. While I’ve also heard that ulcer can be Hereditary, it is also know that certain factors such as food, drugs and stress amongst other things can trigger it.

This piece is basically to give possible reasons why it seems like your stomach ulcer never seem to get better. I know that this will be helpful for certain individuals, so pay attention. 

1. You have refused to leave alcohol and Smoking: 

Drinking too much alcohol can not only cause ulcer, but can also make it worse for those that already have it. Too much alcohol inflames the lining of the stomach. Be it wine or beer, the acid produced from both can delay the healing of your ulcer. When that acid comes in contact with the Ulcer, it causes pain.

2. Stress: 

If there is one trigger that I know, it’s Stress. Stress induced ulcer is real. Some persons may argue about the relationship between stress and ulcer, but I’ll put it this way: Stress in itself cannot cause ulcer, but stress can have a negative impact on the health of an individual and give way for ulcers. Stress can be a trigger especially for those who have a family history of Ulcers.

3. You don’t eat healthy: 

It’s understandable for you to have quite a busy schedule, but making out time to eat and eat healthy should never be up for negotiation. That should be one of your top priorities. Less carbonated drinks, less oily food, more yoghurt, more fruits, more fruit juice.

4. You abuse painkillers: 

Taking drugs like ibuprofen, diclofenac and the likes for long not only increases your chances of getting ulcer, but also makes it worse for those who already have it. Instead of abusing these drugs for every body pain you might have, consult a doctor who will recommend the best drugs for you to use.

5. Refusing to complete your dosage: 

What you do wrong is taking your drugs for a short time and stopping it because you feel better after a day or two. When you’re given drugs, try to finish the complete dose. Always have an antacid with you to help you recover well.

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