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Wilder blames gloves for loss against Fury

Wilder blames gloves for loss against Fury

Before last night’s bout, Wilder stated that at various point during their last contest he couldn’t believe what he was seeing – that Fury’s gloves looked to bend unnaturally.

Well sir, maybe you were seeing double as a result of the pummeling. I guess you didn’t think about that.

Wilder didn’t only talk about Fury’s shifting gloves, the former WBC heavyweight titlist also called to our attention that at different intervals of the bouts, it felt like Fury’s gloves were loaded with a hard egg-like substance.

Now you are right about that sir, I’d feel the same if I received as much blows to the head.

I waited for last night like a hungry little child waiting for mummy to come out of the kitchen with her lunch. That I was disappointed with the eventual outcome is something for a different article. Especially since I had staked on Wilder with a friend who wouldn’t stop buzzing for his money even before the bout ended.

Now, why did I bet on Wilder even after he lost the last fight? – Like everyone else, I was fooled by everything that came out of Wilder and his trainer’s mouth to our ears.  They put out several clips of Wilder looking like a beast in training. Truly to the trainer’s credit, he got Wilder looking fitter than we have ever seen him. 

At a point, I was certain there is no way Fury will make it out of last night’s fight alive, and I backed up my thought with money.

And that rumor – I’d say rumor, because Fury’s camp denied it like Peter did with Jesus, that Fury was never battered in training by his sparring partner. This put more confidence in me about Wilder’s chances, I guess more than Wilder had in himself, judging from the beginning rounds. Fury’s covid-19 excuse to postpone the encounter was the clincher and what has cost me my money. 

After months of delays and setbacks and bureaucratic bottle necks and red-tapism, Wilder swaggered towards the ring and my initial attention was on his shorts. The one from the last fight, according to him was so heavy that it could sink 20 Titanic. 

As though he was forced to wear it, and why didn’t he notice the weight with all the dancing time in the dressing room before the fight? 


I thought I was having going to have a stroke seeing Wilder on the floor with both legs spread open like a prostitute expecting his customer. I realized later that I simply just sat there stiff with my free hand on my chest. My other handheld the remote so tight that it almost cracked. But Wilder came back swinging – landing shots after shots on Fury’s body. 

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This is where everything Wilder and his manager said he would do to Fury came to pass. I was on my feet screaming as Fury was sent kissing the ground the first time.  It was a beauty and I began immediately calculating what to buy with my friend’s money to rub salt on his wounds. 

(Photo by Frank Micelotta/Fox Sports/PictureGroup)

Fury managed to get up but was soon sent back to the canvas… Not once but twice in one round? Nothing was coming in between me and my money, I was 100% convinced now. As Fury rose, I thought it was only a matter of time before he throws in the towel, including his manager’s shirt, and all the face towels they brought with them.


Suddenly I was going to faint picturing my friend standing in front of me with hands stretched forward snapping for my money.  Wilder looked tired and on the verge of getting knocked out and for good this time around. Then it happened. All of Wilder’s six-foot-seven self was back to the canvas with a sharp right hand from Fury. But Wilder got back up and finished the round with several punches that left Fury dazed. 


One big right hand sent Wilder to the ropes – Another combination followed and I felt like using the toilet. I could have followed my guts and turned off the TV. If I did, I wouldn’t have seen the brutal right hand that sent Wilder to the canvas and kept him there for his own good. What serious challenger goes down not once but three times in one bout? 

I switched off the TV as Wilder began to stir into space looking wobbly and went to pour myself a stiff drink. I needed it to calm my nerves. I wondered what Wilder would need to numb himself against Fury’s post match interview(s). Knowing who Fury is, what he packs more than a punch, is a mouth.   

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