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Your Presence Is Not Needed At Man City- Guardiola Tells Mangala.

Your Presence Is Not Needed At Man City- Guardiola Tells Mangala.

Pep Guardiola advised Eloquim Mangala to leave the club since Mangala’s style of Playing didn’t fit into his.

Mangala made history as one of the world’s most expensive defenders after he transferred from Porto to Manchester City for €42m in 2014. It seemed that Pep Guardiola killed his worth immediately after he was appointed Man City’s manager in 2016, as we began to see less of the player on the field.

Speaking on this Mangala said he has no ill feelings towards Pep Guardiola because he was advised to leave the club when Pep joined the club, but his contract with Inter Milan did not pull through.

He further admitted, that Pep truthfully told him that his skills were not appreciated by his squad, since his style of Playing was distinct from Pep’s style.

Mangala also added that he is not angry with Pep as it was not as if he is not a good player, but their styles of playing didn’t align

“At the end of the transfer window, I was still [at Man City]. At that point, the coach came up to me and spoke very sincerely to me. He said, ‘there wasn’t any solution, and you are here. You have a very specific profile, which in terms of my playing style, is not what I am looking for.’ He spoke to me very honestly.”

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“He continued, ‘but you are here and we have four central defenders. We are going to work together, and you will be ready to play every match we have lots of matches, so you will have playing time because there are characteristics that you possess and that I need that others don’t have.

“You’re a very good player, it is just that regarding the profile I am looking for, for my style of play, you are not what I am looking for.’ That was it. I don’t have any problem with that. I can’t be disappointed because the coach knows what he wants. It is not about my qualities, it is about my profile.”

Many people have blasted Pep Guardiola following Mangala’s revelation as they accused him of being a racist who hates black players, and that he willfully killed Mangala’s career. Pep Guardiola was also accused of doing the same to Yaya Toure

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