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10 must-have office wears for women

10 must-have office wears for women

Looking good has always been staple for every woman; nobody wants to step out of the house looking out of place. Also, dressing well is part of looking good — they say it increases your performance and heightens impressions of you.

Do you know that dressing well helps keep your head high and puts that much needed spring in your step? Do you know how you dress can affect how you feel. Your choice of clothing can erode your confidence, wear down your self-esteem and leave you feeling inferior? This has always been the story with Hawauu. 

“Being a woman can be frustrating and infuriating” Hawauu lamented as she rummaged through her wardrobe.

She is late to work again, for the same reason: She has no idea what to wear to work. Her room is a big mess now. Finding the right clothes and making the right combo has become one of the hardest tasks for her. 

“My son sure knows how to pick women with poor sense of fashion”. Sidikat, her future Mother-In-Law said with disgust 3 days ago when her fiancé introduced her to his family. She was putting on her favorite red chiffon blouse paired with a leopard print palazzo and a nice black palm slipper.

“How do you even feel comfortable in that hideous thing you are wearing? Sidikat asked her.

🎵pick me up, pick me up🎵her phone rang. Her boss is calling, and she is snapped back to reality.

‘Oh-no’ she shuddered at the thought of her getting embarrassed today at the office especially since she will be representing her department at the meeting today. 

It would be nice to have a blog that shares combo tips, she thought to herself. 

“I still have to get to work somehow” she said as she grabbed a shirt dress and hurried to prepare for work. 

Just like Hawauu, we all get tired of making the most difficult decision every morning which is to choose what to dress specifically for work because no one would want to dress out of place or look boring to work. Every woman nowadays wants to play with fashion whether she is a working lady or not.

Here are some of the latest trends that will make your morning routine a bit easier:


You can never go wrong with jumpsuits. They are easy, comfy and office appropriate. 

Photo by Simple Models from Pexels


Pants are every woman’s first preference for office wear. You can pair them up with plain/floral shirts and sweaters to create a unique look.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels


Aso – Ebi is known as the traditional clothing (uniform attire for events) in Nigeria. It can be transformed into modern-day slacks and skirts.



Short simple African dresses give you a very chic and preppy look especially when you want to hang out a bit after work. Plus, they look just as amazing as the western ones.



This is a must have as it can be styled in so many ways. I am a big fan of chiffon blouses because they are so super cool, comfy and can be worn to the office or any social gathering. Plus, the material just gives this classy lady vibes.


Whatever your style is, a white shirt is a simple classy option for any wardrobe. Personally, I love white shirt because of its versatility – it can be paired with Slacks, skinny jeans or skirts. 


This is the ideal outfit for days when you are probably running late to work – Hence, it is a must have in your wardrobe. It’s easy to wear and comfy, I call it “throw and go”.  Chic and practical – a shirt dress will take you far.


Girl, if you do not have this piece in your wardrobe you should get it now! What I love most about this pants is the signature features – Palazzo pants are supremely comfortable because of their wonderfully loose cut which allows the legs to swirl around you as you walk and gives a graceful flare to your figure.

Photo by Ogo from Pexels


This is another must have in the wardrobe. you can never go wrong wearing this – They are Chic, Classy and can be paired with Blazers.


I love clothes that give you lots of options, Blazers is one of them.  A blazer gives you endless outfit possibilities and can be worn year-round. I call it the “Power Outfit” because of how confident I feel while wearing it.

Photo by Ogo from Pexels

Give your feedback if these ideas helped you in making daily based clothing decisions for workwear.

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