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2023: Time For Peter Obi To Drop Idealism And Face Reality

2023: Time For Peter Obi To Drop Idealism And Face Reality

It is funny to see supporters of the former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi threaten the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that if Obi does not win the primaries of the party they would vote for All Progressives Congress (APC) as vengeance instead of the plan to lobby for his and let the party delegates see the reason to choose him as their presidential candidate. The threat is irrelevant. 

In our present reality, to contest for Presidency in Nigeria would require over 200 billion naira. This money comes from the elites and corporate organizations which in return need protection for their interest. There is no free money anywhere. It is not enough to tell people that you are building a country that our kids will benefit which characterizes OBI’s personality. He is only entitled to the two-term tenure of eight years maximum, donors need their interests protected for that duration. Tomorrow is not promised. Their kids’ lives are secured. They need their interest under locks and keys.

I see people mention “saner clime” and it only reeks of ignorance. What do you think lobbying is? You may not need to follow or understand the election process in international politics but you can watch some movies which depict the reality of the acclaimed saner clime.  From Designated Survivor to Ozark to House of Cards, these things are the driving points of the plot. I do not think people understand what they watch? Lobbying is Politics everywhere in the world. It’s scratching back and Vice versa. It is in everybody’s interest.

Politics is not driven by emotion. Peter Obi has generated mass followings which is beautiful but unfortunately, democratic elections begin at the Primaries. We have seen him visit 35 awesome states. Every candidate is doing their groundwork. Did he do what he is supposed to do to woo delegates and certain interests to his side?

Not everyone needs your money. Some have ambitions you need to guarantee or protect, contracts they would love to handle, and connections they would need your office to push. The game is the game. If it comes down to money, well, power goes to who is more daring to take it.

Question is, how much does he want to be President? Every Candidate has their plans. Do what you need to do to get power. When you enter the office, you can make the changes you need to make. At least the President is the de facto leader of the Party and the most powerful person in the country.

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Truly on paper, Obi is one of the best candidates if not the best. But when you look at his rivals, they are professional politicians. They play ball. Wike has so many delegates in his pockets and many candidates are offering him Vice President. As for Atiku, the less said the better. This is a former Vice President who is desperate to be President to attain his long-term ambition.

Gentility does not usually work. You have to play ball. The poll is different from primaries. It is a different ball game entirely. These people are also going to help him win the general election. Do not forget that.

The world is not an ideal place. Drop your idealism and face reality. You are not a bigger supporter because you are sentimental. Sentiments do not win elections. Protect people’s interests and they will protect yours. When your tenure is over, they will negotiate their interest with the next Presidential candidate. Leave this greater tomorrow talks for Arsenal and their fans. This is Politics.

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