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3 southern states that the APC is attempting to wrest from the PDP

3 southern states that the APC is attempting to wrest from the PDP

The forthcoming gubernatorial (and general) elections in the Southern area has sparked a great deal of debate.

The APC appears to be ready to regain the Southern states that they lost to the opposition party, the PDP, in the region’s previous gubernatorial election.

It may appear tough to regain all of the southern states that the PDP now controls. However, there are three states where the APC has a good chance of winning the general election. Take a look at the three states listed below:

Oyo State

Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State, will seek re-election in 2023. However, given the current state of affairs, he may not be able to secure victory.

Oyo State residents are notorious for their “impatience,” since they like to change governments every four years.

In reality, the late Governor Ajimobi was the state’s first civilian governor who served for eight years.

Though Seyi Makinde has completed a number of noteworthy projects since taking office as Governor of the state in 2019, he may not be able to secure another four years in office.

Rivers State

Another southern area that the APC is poised to win in the 2019 gubernatorial election is Rivers State.

Nyesom Wike has done an excellent job in recent years, but it may not be enough to prevent voters from switching their support in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

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Delta State

One would ask how the APC can recapture Delta State notwithstanding the current Governor, Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa’s achievements.

After the PDP failed to zone its presidential ticket, Delta State remains one of the Southern states that may not vote for the party in the next gubernatorial election.

If the All Progressive Congress chooses to deliver its presidential ticket to a southerner, the PDP should expect to lose Delta State.

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