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3 things that could prompt Jonathan to run for next year’s election

3 things that could prompt Jonathan to run for next year’s election

With the 2023 Presidential race dominating most political themes in Nigeria, former President Goodluck Jonathan has given his followers some optimism with recent comments on the potential of him running in the election. Nigerians should keep an eye on Jonathan’s next move in terms of running for president in 2023, according to him.

Following Jonathan’s remarks, we’ll take a deeper look at some recent events that may have influenced Jonathan’s decision to run for president in 2023 under the APC banner. Jonathan’s dedication to the PDP, according to some political experts, may not be as strong as it once was because he no longer participates in the operations of his party as he should.

To begin with, important stakeholders in the party were present at the previous PDP convention, and Jonathan seemed likely to attend this year’s gathering as well. Everyone’s hopes were dashed, however, when Jonathan failed to show up for the convention. This incident has prompted some to speculate that Jonathan may be considering joining a new political party as the 2023 election approaches.

Second, in February 2022, Jonathan received a significant boost in confidence when northern Emirs agreed that he should run in the 2023 election. According to the northern Emirs, there is no better candidate than Jonathan. The northern emirs are well-respected in the north, so being recommended by them is a major boost to Jonathan’s morale.

Jonathan might consider joining a party that has a foothold in the north to cement things and give the emirs’ proposal a higher chance of selling in the north, and there is no better party than the APC if you examine the argument above.

The Emirs’ endorsement is significant, and it may be quite beneficial to Jonathan if he decides to run for president in 2023. Jonathan, on the other hand, may decide to build on the emirs’ proposal by joining the APC as a way of guaranteeing that he receives a large amount of support from the north.

Another event that could persuade Jonathan to run for president in 2023 under the APC banner is the chance that the party will award him the party’s ticket, removing any party rivalry that might arise if he competes against Tinubu and co.

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Consider a scenario in which President Buhari openly endorses Jonathan and the APC promises to give him the party’s ticket if he agrees to join the party. Such a move might entice Jonathan to join APC and run in the election under the party’s banner.

The truth is that Jonathan is a seasoned politician who would not rush into declaring his candidacy for the 2023 election without first conducting a thorough review of the political situation on the ground.

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