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Yoga: An Underrated health therapy

Yoga: An Underrated health therapy

In the Rig Veda, an ancient sacred book, yoga was found 5000 years ago.  The ancient practice focuses on breathing, flexibility and strength to improve mental, physical and  spiritual well-being. 

Several years ago, the first mystics often isolated themselves in the forest to study their inner experience. As they pondered within, they found mere thoughts and emotions that continued to distract the mind and cause anxiety. As time passed, the mystics studied more and discovered a way to solve the problem of anxiety. Paying no attention to the thoughts that lurk the mind and cause distractions, feeding them less will make them grow more quiet and eventually silent. 

This practice literally changes your state of mind from  inside out. The mystics in India called it vipassana and now it is known as meditation. 

      Scientist further confirmed the effect of yoga on the human brain in the early two thousand. They discovered that the default mode network in the brain which had the ability to stimulate wondering thoughts was slowly being hushed. The amygdalae which processes fear and anxiety reduced in size and action, Grey matter in the sensory region increased and this upgraded sense perception. 

Today there are a multiple approaches to modern yoga which maintain the three major elements; physical postures, breathing exercise and spiritual contemplation. 

Yoga is believed to have a unique set of mental and physical advantages which include boosting strength and flexibility, improving heart and lung function and enhancing social and psychological well-being. 

       The advantages of yoga can be grouped into physical and mental advantages. 

Physical benefits

       Apart from the benefits of flexibility, improved muscle strength and muscle tone, it aids in the reduction of chronic pain such as one  caused by arthritis and controls heart rate and blood pressure. It also improves respiration and athletic performance. 

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Another amazing benefit is that it aids in maintaining balanced metabolism. Yoga is also an easier and less strenuous exercise that is recommended for patients who have bone dislocation and fractures and are in the exercising stage of their healing phase. The deep inhale and exhale helps the body gain more oxygen by expanding the lung capacity. 

Mental benefits 

      Yoga can be used to relief stress, control anxiety, depression, insomnia and sometimes schizophrenia. It has the ability to improve concentration, mindfulness, and the sense of self, making it a good practice for self development. It helps people reflect on themselves and tackle anxiety, depression or any other negative or distracting feeling that occupies the mind space. Incorporating yoga practices into a regular routine will no doubt help individuals massively to make healthier choices that would help improve a  person  and the society at large. Yoga also improves memory more effectively than some other practices. 

       Yoga has a lot of amazing benefits that offer aids, physically and mentally to motivate you into a healthier and happier lifestyle. You certainly will not regret adding one of the most relaxing and enjoyable forms of exercise into your routine. 

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