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5 habits of people with great skin

5 habits of people with great skin

Have you ever met someone who has such flawless skin that it almost lights up the room with its glow? Healthy and beautiful skin isn’t a product of expensive skincare, but it can be achieved by an excellent daily skin care routine. 

If you have wondered why some people have such perfect, radiant skin then keep reading to find out how to attain that goal.  Just like everything else in life, a fair amount of hard work goes behind healthy skin.

“Hello miss! I am Tina and I am here to see the manager”, Tina said as she introduced herself to the secretary at the Advertising Agency. She noticed the secretary kept staring at her without saying a word. “Hmm-uhmm!”, She cleared her throat to bring back the secretary from her lost trance.

“Oh! Sorry ma’am. The manager is in a meeting at the moment. Kindly hold on a bit, I am sure he will be done soon.” Bola responded.

“My name is Bola, I couldn’t help but notice your beautiful, flawless skin. Do you mind sharing your skin routine with me?”

“Oh! I don’t mind it’s pretty simple. I just have these 5 routines I practice and I am very consistent with them. It’s like a habit!”, Tina replied with excitement.

“Okay, let me grab my notes!”

Get your desired perfect skin by following this simple method:

1. Hydration

One of the most basic skincare habits is drinking tons of water. Drinking water is not only the most basic skincare habit but a key habit for maintaining general physical health as well. The cells in our body are mostly made up of water and water is crucial in maintaining a physiological balance in our bodies. Lots of water as part of a skincare routine and a healthy complexion go hand in hand.

2. Sunscreen 

Applying Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

3. Cleanse and moisturize 

Cleansing is an essential part of any skin care routine. People with great skin are in a habit of cleaning their skin to improve its health and appearance.

Your makeup carries free radicals in the environment. Even if you don’t wear makeup, skin collects dust and dirt throughout the day, and they sit on the skin.

– A moisturizer is also  a vital part of perfect skin care. Your skin is the most exposed part of your body and this exposure can lead to dryness and loss of moisture. Moisturizing your skin daily can not only keep your skin hydrated but can also give your skin the much needed glow. 

4. A healthy diet

You are what you eat! Your skin condition depends on what is going on inside your body. This obviously means you need to properly nourish your body, in order to get a flawless skin. Skin-friendly foods should be a part of your daily skin care routine. Examples of such foods are fruits and green vegetables that are highly rich in Vitamin C. In a follow up article I will share tips on the best foods to eat for a healthy radiant skin. 

5. A regular workout routine 

As we workout, sweating causes pores to purge themselves of toxins and pimple-causing bacteria. It also increases blood circulation, which gives skin cells an oxygen boost. 

Don’t forget to shower after a good workout, so germs and dead skin cells don’t clog your pores.

Just like Tina, stay consistent! 

All the basic skin care tips mentioned above may appear too mundane to make an impact, but they are backed up and followed by people with beautiful skin.

Just incorporate these small changes in your skincare regimen, and we are sure that you will soon start receiving compliments on your radiant skin. Consistency is always the key when it comes to skincare! Follow these habits and witness flawless skin every time.

Now that we have revealed to you the secrets to having a perfect skin, you are just one step away from flaunting it yourself! 

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