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AFCON: The African team gets $378,000 to oust and dethrone Nigerian Super Falcon for the Cup

AFCON: The African team gets $378,000 to oust and dethrone Nigerian Super Falcon for the Cup

The supremacy of the super falcons in Africa has terrified other African countries. Because they have already won the AFCON Cup nine times. Therefore, most African countries have tried their best to ensure that history does not repeat itself. With a tremendous record and success, the Super Falcons are the undisputed giants of women’s football in Africa.

South Africa has set a big challenge with the Nigeria women’s national team, asking for support from the government and investing a lot of time in their women’s team. And that is a core aspect that has been neglected in Nigeria.

The Aisha Buhari Cup reflected investment and massive support for the women’s national team but we need new legs, it’s time to recruit young talent as the old ones retire. This is precisely why the Bayana Bayana from South Africa was able to defeat the Super Falcons in the Aisha Buhari Cup finals.

Currently, a bounty has been placed on the head of Super Falcons by the SAFA President.

SAFA President Danny Jordan 🗣️”We will be paying this team R9.2 million ($578,000) in bonuses on the basis that they win the (women’s) AFCON,” according to the SABC.

“So if they win AFCON, we pay 9.2 million rands ($578,000) and if you look at the other costs, our investment in that team specifically for this AFCON is 10 million rands ($628,330). “

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“This is our commitment, our faith in Banyana Banyana and just let me tell you this: R10 million is the highest-paid amount ever paid in the national team, men and women, so you’ve broken the barriers, you’ve got that paid the highest amount for any national team in the history of South African football.”

You see, this strategy that this South African team is using, we have to learn from that. The NFA President should take note of this.

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  • Congratulations to our ladies and God bless them on putting smile on our face even tho our country is a failure in a way Congratulations to us and more wins

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