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Africa Is Solidly Behind Morocco At the World Cup- Regragui

Africa Is Solidly Behind Morocco At the World Cup- Regragui

Morocco coach, Regragui has stated that the whole of Africa is solidly behind Morocco as they battle it out with Portugal for a place in the semi-finals of the 2022 world cup in Qatar on Saturday at the Al Thumama Stadium.

If we can recall, Morocco defeated Spain to the surprise of everyone in round 16 of the game.

Speaking ahead of their match, Regragui said that their main focus is to repeat previous performances, as they want to show everyone that Africa deserves a place at the world cup. Because they have a whole continent solidly rooting for them that alone is the motivation they require.

He further said that they just have to play from a level of confidence and bit under pressure, not letting their previous achievements get to their head. As they’ve surprised a lot of people and will continue to surprise more people.

“We have nothing to lose. The challenge is to do as well as we did in the previous games,” Regragui said on the eve of the match against Portugal.

“We want to show that Africa deserves to be here, Morocco deserves to be here.

“We have a whole people behind us, a continent behind us, and the Arab world behind us. That’s a lot of energy behind us. We’re going to try and do everything we can.

“We can do it, we can make history again. It (the support) can push us, help us actually to play with this pressure, not to make any mistakes.”

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But Regragui warned, “We can’t rest on our laurels. We haven’t got carried away, we’ve just surprised a few people and a few algorithms who expected Belgium or Spain to be in the quarter-finals.”

Morocco has indeed shocked the entire world with their performance at the world cup this year, it’s a delight to all Africans to see how they are Representing Africa in the world cup game

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