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After Heavy Criticisms, Magixx returns to Clear The Air On His Tweet About Wizkid

After Heavy Criticisms, Magixx returns to Clear The Air On His Tweet About Wizkid

Magixx, an upcoming-Nigerian-singer who is currently signed to the record labels of Don Jazzy, “the MAVIN Records”  has within the past 48 hours received slams and hate speeches from fans of Wizkid after he described the recent song  of Wizkid which he sang with Chris Brown using the keyword  “stupid”.

The singer in an already deleted tweet of his posted on Sunday said, “This new Chris Brown and Wiz is stupid.” The tweet was obviously misunderstood by his critics.

Not long after getting a  different degree of insults and criticisms from social media fans of Wizkid, and other netizens,  Magixx came back  to Twitter on Monday to make his tweet clearer to people who have been slamming him for making such a tweet about Wizkid. The singer of  “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” revealed to the public that he deleted the Sunday tweet of his which was generating negative comments about him because his tweet was purely misunderstood by netizens.

He explained that the keyword ‘stupid’ was only but a slang which stands for the word “dope”. In his words: ” I think my only mistake from yesterday tweet  was only  deleting that tweet”  on why he got rid of the tweet after he was rained abusive words by netizens This was what he had to say ” I felt it was being misunderstood”. He explained that earlier on Monday  morning, he work up to seeing  many hate  comments and criticisms from fans on his IG post, which he likened such happening to be caused by  desperate blogs who are in dame search for  comments and likes.

He further revealed that he was a lover of good music, ” I love music,  if you go through my history of tweets, I only tweet on topics related to music that I love. 

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He said STUPID was a slang which stands for Dope and that he never intended to use the word to insult Wizkid nor was he intending to disapprove of Wizkid’s new song, “I didn’t know I was going to get people negative comments for hyping a song, what an irony. We really need to be better people. I’m so ill from all of these hate speeches. I will be adding the dictionary meaning attached to this tweet once again for the sake of clarity.”

He then added a screenshot from an online dictionary that explained the word  “stupid” as slang for ‘amazing’. What are your thoughts on this?

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