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Aid delivery will begin in Tigray ‘before the end of the week.’

Aid delivery will begin in Tigray ‘before the end of the week.’

According to the national security adviser to Ethiopia’s prime minister, humanitarian supplies will begin to reach those in need in the Tigray area of northern Ethiopia by the end of this week.

Food, medication, and other essential supplies are urgently needed by millions of people in the area.

According to Mr. Redwan Hussien’s comment from the US State Department, “assistance would flow unfettered” as agreed during the peace negotiations.

In Kenya, the last round of negotiations between the government and representatives of Tigray is anticipated to end on Friday.

The implementation of the peace agreement agreed upon last week in South Africa has been the subject of meetings between the two parties.

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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front and the government of Ethiopia have agreed to put an end to the two years of fighting.

The agreement calls for the restoration of critical services and the resumption of assistance delivery to Tigray. There, food and medicine are badly needed by millions of people.

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