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Autistic Patients Are Humans Too.

Autistic Patients Are Humans Too.

Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a disorder that disrupts the early development of the brain’s social and communication skills. Children with Autism have problems communicating with other people, some may be able to talk ( can’t speak well though) while others may not be able to talk. It’s a lifelong condition that affects children through adulthood.

Statistics show that over 160 million children have Autism in the world, and over one million children/teenagers are suffering from the condition in Nigeria, this research might not be accurate, because the condition is rarely diagnosed and managed in Nigeria. Autism is the most ignored health issue in Nigeria. Every year a lot of children are born with Autism in Nigeria, but a lack of awareness makes children born with such conditions not to be diagnosed and properly managed on time.

Autism is very costly to manage, in an interview with the parent of an Autistic child they claim to spend over 600,000 on treatment and therapy every three months, that is they spend over 3 million annually. Children born with Autism might be denied proper care because their families cannot bear the financial cost that follows such a condition. As a result, some of these children with Autism are killed, isolated by their families, and suffer the fate of being called witches, imbeciles, ogbanje, and other hurtful words to prevent the shame and embarrassment that comes with having an Autistic child.

There are no known causes of Autism, though it can be genetically influenced, it can also be caused by viral/ bacterial infections or some chemical imbalance in the brain. No cure exists for Autism Spectrum disorder, and there’s no particular type of treatment. The essence of treatment is to maximize your child’s ability to function by reducing its symptoms. Early discovery and intervention can help your child/ward learn important social, communication, and behavioral skills.

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Government should put in place Structures, policies, and interventions to make Autism a national health issue to bring awarenesses and proffer solutions to families and people with the disorder.

Children with Autism should be treated with love and care by family members and the entire community at large, and people should refrain from saying hurtful words as Autistic patients are human beings too.

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