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Bare the breasts

Bare the breasts

I think my breasts sags now – Tomi

Every woman shares a complicated love-hate relationship with bras. While a nice bra can offer good fit and shape, on other days, bras can stab you, poke you and leave you in pain. 

When I was younger, I always made sure I left the house with a bra on. In fact, I didn’t like being naked, not even in front of my family (that’s majorly because I was insecure about how small my breasts were). So, I couldn’t relate when my mum, aunt, and friends talk about the hassles of wearing a bra and how they wish they could do without it. 

Then, I got bigger – so did my breasts. I started experiencing back pain, shoulder pain and finding the right size became a hassle. I can definitely relate to their concerns now. 

Since the pandemic started, most people have had to work from home. Having to stay home brought a certain amount of freedom for people when it comes to fashion. Not having to bother about what to wear to work brought a huge relief to everyone, women especially.      No in-person meetings, no worries and no bra wires poking and prodding throughout the day, or bra straps playing peekaboo at the wrong times — What a glorious feeling!

One of the things I always look forward to when I’m out is getting home to take off my bra. Yes, my bra!

But after months (or even a year) of not wearing bras, some women might wonder if their time as braless wonders has affected their breasts negatively. Especially now that there has been an ease off on the pandemic, most women wish they could continue going braless. 

Apparently, going braless comes with a host of worries amongst women. “I think my breasts sags now” Tomi said to her friend as they share their ‘common’ life hassles together.

“Oh girl! Last time I stepped out of the house without bra I suffered from a nip slip! It was crazy, I had to cover my chest real quick,” Tonia also shared her experienced with the group.

How do I wear bra and not wear bra at the same time?

With the new fashion, there are so many options to choose from. It is possible to not wear a bra but wear something else that offers the same support and comfort that bra does.


A bralette is the best alternative for a regular bra that offer more breasts coverage when worn with a low-cut, sexy or revealing outfits. Bralettes are usually less structured, lined rather than padded, and offer a more natural shape. 

Bralettes are an easy wear. They are my go-to piece when I don’t want to deal with the hassles of bra. 

Best for: Daily wear for work, Lounging, t-shirts, tops and dresses, sleep or workouts 


Camisoles is a woman’s loose-fitting undergarment for the upper body, typically held up by shoulder straps. They are popularly known as singlet or spaghetti. 

The type of camisoles that are needed in this case is one with a built in bra. It is also less structured and has a band like thing below to help support the breasts.  It works for women with large breasts size too. 

Best for: Layering or worn as a tank top 

Body suits

Body suits has been on trend lately, and the good part is it comes with different designs. There is a bodysuit with a built in bra and it is really cool. I copped one for myself recently and it’s amazing. You can try it out too.

Wearing a bodysuit comes with lots of pecks – the most practical reason for wearing a bodysuit is to have a “tucked in” top without having to worry about it becoming untucked, the blouse material bunching, or shifting. With a bodysuit, you wouldn’t worry about your panties showing when you bend. 

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Although, body suits aren’t my go to wear all the time cause of all the wahala that comes with peeing. But it is very practical and keeps everything smooth.

Best for: Layering or paired with skirts, shorts and pants


Also known as a nipple cover, pasties are a small piece of clothing that conceals the nipple. Created to be practically invisible, pasties are lightweight and easy to style under bathing suits or backless tops. Pasties help to prevent nip-slip situations, and they are of different kinds. So, you don’t have to worry about your nipples still showing in your clothes.

Best for: Bathing suits and backless tops or dresses 


There are days when you just want to go strapless. Bandeaus are perfect for that! Bandeaus are what we call ‘tube’ in this side of the world. Most bandeaus come with pad to help support the breasts and make it more comfortable. They are stretchy and comes in different sizes which makes it a perfect fit for everyone. It can also double as a top on its own if you want to show a little skin. 

Best for: Strapless tops or dresses 

Bare the breasts

Even with all the options listed above, you can still choose to go bare. This is very liberating. Who doesn’t want freedom?!

Best for: Lounging at home 

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