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Big Brother Naija and the Nigerian youth: Good or bad distraction?

Big Brother Naija and the Nigerian youth: Good or bad distraction?

The Nigerian youth has been described or projected in many ways; half baked, unemployed, unemployable, and even lazy! All these have been debated for years unending with people cutting across a sharp divide on who is to blame for the current state of the Nigerian youth.

As jobs are hard to come by, and those already employed are not sure of how long it can last considering the shrinking nature of the economy, so many youths are on the lookout for platforms that can make them escape the hands of poverty and if possible shoot them to instant fame and fortune; make welcome Big Brother Naija.

Even though it is a global franchise that is organized in almost all the continents, the sixth edition in Nigeria just began and the frenzy it has already created among fans, followers and critics of the show is already mind blowing.

The internet and social media had their hashtag trending ever since the date for the kick-off was released as many Nigerians, especially the youths, started reviewing highlights of previous seasons and projections for the incoming

The show, anchored by former house-mate now turned media personality; Ebuka Obi, one of the successes of the show, has promised another 10 weeks of suspense, excitement, anger and pain for the fans.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, former housemate and present host of Big Brother Nigeria.

Some schools of thought believe it is a deliberate move by the powers that be to divert the prying eyes of the youths away from the failings of the government to other things so enticing like this show so that the government can have a little breathing space.

Last year, voting results showed over 100 million counted at the end. Compare that to the presidential elections in Nigeria and you will clearly see why some sections of the country do not agree for the show to be conducted or aired in the country. Morally, even though it is rated 18, some Nigerians believe that the open show of “indecent moral behaviors” on national TV does not project them as role models for the society.

Nigeria is a country clearly in need of fresh ideas which can only be gotten from the youths, but for the next 10 weeks, the attention span of so many of these youths would be focused on this 24 hour reality show leaving other national issues like politics, the economy, insecurity and killings to receive little or no attention from them.

The lounge inside the Big Brother house.

In a country tagged the poverty capital of the world, having a shot at the grand prize of ninety-million naira plus other mind blowing gifts is more than enough temptation for any youth who is still combing the streets looking for a job. More so, having a family or friend on the show is equally enough motivation to want to watch so as to give him or her the votes needed to remain in the show for as long as possible.

History has shown that while not all past winners have gone to become successful afterwards, some who didn’t win like Ebuka became even more successful than the eventual winners. So no matter how you look at it, it seems to be a win-win for making it into the house.

Season 5 winner, a musician “Laycon” has gone ahead to release his album and has gotten millions of downloads and streams globally, so no doubt it is a platform that can help you achieve your dreams much faster.

Big Brother Naija House located at Ilupeju, Lagos.

Some say, it is a good distraction from all the bad news and evils happening around them as they can now watch something that does not involve killing, kidnapping or attacks, others say the nation will lose 10 weeks of its most vibrant category of citizens to a show that will not teach them anything apart from generating social media fan wars, cyber bullying and abuse.

As for now, the show is here to stay, choose your side. Good or Bad distraction? You tell me.

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