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Under Buhari’s Watch

Under Buhari’s Watch

Yippee, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has declared a staggering profit of 287 billion for the first time in 44 years.

In all honesty, that’s a big win for our no nonsense and corruption free executive administration, a government that came on the mantra of eradicating corruption in the land.

One then wonders what the former administrations have been doing, well, this just goes to show the numerous rot in our democratic system.

And this is in no way to give the presidency kudos as this is undeniably still the worst and most inconsistent government in the history of Nigeria.

Under President Buhari’s watch we’ve taken one step forward and 50 steps backwards. The administration can boast of infrastructure, the rail lines and all, but has failed woefully in keeping the cores of this nation.

We’ve never been on this edge of total collapse, none that I know or I’ve read of. Anyways, the government under President Muhammadu Buhari has given room for so many questions regarding his motive for one Nigeria.

The unchecked excesses of the Fulani herdsmen is still something the populace think the president left unattended to under his watch. Under his watch, we’ve had numerous killings, kidnappings and destruction of lives and properties in an unprecedented rate. 

Armed bandits and Miyetti Allah are now more or less part of the nation’s administration, they even have armed guards and spokesperson.

Under the president’s watch, the call for sedition reached an unprecedented height, this can not be unconnected to the lackluster posture of our presidency. During his watch unarmed protesters were killed, efforts were made to gag the media. Infact, nothing and no one was spared.

The reality is, irrespective of the little wins the president may have recorded in infrastructure and some quarters, the stains and failures of this administration is already overwhelming the little wins.

Is it too late? That’s a multi billion naira question.

The untold hardship on the citizenry from all fronts is something that shouldn’t have happened under the president’s watch. In all honesty, the common man gave him their votes expecting a more robust change.

The president should do better, it’s not too late. If not for anything, at least for his party.

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