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Don’t be Selfish with your Future- Louis to Ronaldo

Don’t be Selfish with your Future- Louis to Ronaldo

Louis Saha, a former Manchester United player has condemned the world’s legendary player’s decision to leave Manchester United this summer over the failure of the club to qualify for the Premier league.

Saha said that Ronaldo ought to be loyal to Manchester United, despite the fact it was a bad performance last season, as Manchester United played a huge role in his successful career today.

Ronaldo is desperate to leave Manchester United, as the meeting held by the officials of Manchester United with him last week Tuesday, didn’t work out as he still insists on leaving. Saha has advised him to stay with the club. He further admitted that he regards Ronaldo as a terrific player and he would have loved for him to stay back.

He said: “I’m not Cristiano but as someone who seems to be a supporter of Manchester United, I have felt like he hasn’t shown completely enough of that, he is thinking about himself.

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“I am not going to judge him because he is an immense player and I’m not in his position, but I would have loved him to stay because he’s a terrific player. No one can judge his actions at this moment because it’s his career.”

Many fans are beginning to see Ronaldo as a selfish player, who has no loyalty or dedication to his club but just to himself

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