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Dozens of arrests in Malawi amid anti-government demonstration

Dozens of arrests in Malawi amid anti-government demonstration

Amid anti-government demonstrations, Malawi police have used tear gas and detained at least 40 protesters in Lilongwe, the country’s capital. 

The arrests come after ongoing conflicts during which numerous individuals had various injuries and automobiles and buildings were also damaged. 

The Malawi High Court issued an order prohibiting organizers from going forward with the protest marches hours before they were scheduled to start, but thousands of irate individuals showed out nevertheless since they were not aware of the court order. 

The demonstrations were organized by a group going by the name Human Rights Ambassadors in opposition to Malawians’ economic woes and what they perceive to be the government’s practice of “selective justice” when prosecuting persons accused of corruption. 

Following a tightening economic situation that authorities blame on outside sources, like the Covid-19 outbreak and the war in Ukraine, there is an increase in anti-government sentiment in Malawi. 

Anger about the challenging economic climate appears to have been the driving force behind Wednesday’s protests. 

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Leaders of the organization that called for the protests are among those detained. 

According to authorities, they will be prosecuted for instigating violence.

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