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Chad prohibits young girls from leaving the nation.

Chad prohibits young girls from leaving the nation.

Young girls cannot leave Chad without parental consent, a policy that has been condemned by women’s rights organizations, which are calling for a reversal.

Idriss Dokony Adiker, the security minister general, rationalized the choice by claiming that “a migratory flow of young girls” was fleeing the nation for “purposes of exploitation.”

The declaration forbids taking young girls on board in any capacity by airlines or transportation companies.

The age of the girls who were required to give permission or were prohibited from traveling was not stated in Gen Adiker’s note.

The restriction, according to the Chadian Women’s Rights League, is against both the fundamental independence of young girls and the values of human rights.

The group claims that the rule is discriminatory as young Chadian boys are also targets of human trafficking.

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According to a report by the global organization against transnational crime, there has been an uptick in human trafficking in Chad recently.

Additionally, it stated that there had been an upsurge in the number of Chadian sex workers in the surrounding nations.

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