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Driver Remanded For throwing Faeces at LASTMA Official

Driver Remanded For throwing Faeces at LASTMA Official

Lagos is a city full of drama, you can never get enough of it. A certain bus driver has been arrested for allegedly rubbing feces on the face of a Lagos State traffic management officer to prevent LASTMA officers from taking custody of his vehicle.

A new interviewee who viewed the video noted the driver asked what crime he had committed and promised to deal with officers. He then removed his clothes and was stark naked and then he bent down and defecated on his palm and then rubbed it across the face of one of the officers. He pulled out the other officer who was already in the driver’s seat.

Bolaji Oreagba, General Manager of LASTMA, said the event took place on March 22 in Lagos State, Maryland. The vehicle in question was taken into custody on July 4

“The driver was arraigned in a magistrates’ court, where he was asked to remain in custody at the Potoki Custodial Center until August when his case would resurface.”

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“This only goes to show that the law spares no violator, no matter how recalcitrant you are. All LASTMA advocates are voluntary compliance,” he added.

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