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Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate escapes Death

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate escapes Death

Done with my chores for the morning and with nothing else to do, I crawl in on Instagram and sniff around for a couple of minutes before running to take my bath. And guess who popped up on my timeline? Tuoyo!! The former Big Brother Naija housemate. Although he was one of those people in Big Brother house i never liked, but the video he posted and what he said made me pause for a minute because these days i don’t have time for posts that doesn’t make me laugh.

So Mr. Tuoyo said in this post that his kitchen roof collapsed while he wasn’t in the kitchen… But bros, which kind talk be dis? Which hand you for take post if to say those things for your kitchen floor land on-top your head?

One question bros…. You dey stay for ilasamaja or Erujeje street for Ajegunle?

You no tell us for your post where you for rent this kind house wey roof dey collapse anyhow like dis.

Well, we follow you thank God ooo… say you still get hand to post for Instagram. As you no dey inside your kitchen when dis kind yawa happened oo.

Just imagine say you been dey try take soup for pot at that material time.

Na anoda person for do this post o.

HEADLINE: Former Big Brother Housemate Dies While Trying To Take Soup From Pot!

Make God no gree make soup kill us ooo…. Amen!

As na only your soup throway like dis…..dat one good. You will live to cook anoda soup.

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May egusi or Banga or Ogbono will not lead to our death in Jesus name.

One small advise bros, abeg try pack go beta house. Today na kitchen roof collapse – tomorrow, e fit be say na earthquake go happen. Your parlor floor fit just divide into two. And earthquake dey break legs pass anything oo. As your legs chinkili so.

Make una entertainers sef dey rent beta house ooo.

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