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Ferdinard: Man United Inactivity in the Transfer Market Affecting Ten Hag

Ferdinard: Man United Inactivity in the Transfer Market Affecting Ten Hag

The transfer market has been buzzing even before the EPL started, every club is trying to equip their squad, to ensure a better performance in the premier league games. Manchester United has made few purchases so far. Rio Ferdinand stated that Manchester United’s refusal to purchase players is the major reason for Manchester United’s woeful performance this season.

It was a sore sight for Erik Ten Hag to see how his players were thrashed 4-0 by Brentford, he looked very helpless, wondering what could probably be wrong with his team. As this was their second defeat in the EPL games, making them last on the list.

According to Ferdinard, he feels sorry for Ten Hag, as he probably came thinking that new signings will be made, but the reverse is the case. He probably didn’t know what he got into the moment he took the job.

“I feel sorry for Ten Hag,” the former England international told FIVEUK.

“He’s come in under false pretenses. He’s come in expecting new signings.

“People are moaning at Cristiano Ronaldo but he’s sitting there thinking, ‘I’m expecting new signings as well.’

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“Now he’s [Ten Hag] probably sitting there thinking ‘I’ve been sold a dummy here, I didn’t know I was coming into this.

Rio Ferdinand

Is there still hope for Manchester United?

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