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FIFA set to implement the Hawk-Eye technology

FIFA set to implement the Hawk-Eye technology

Fifa has been informed by the Hawk-Eye system that its machine for spotting offsides is “all set” and ready to be used at the World Cup next year and the 2022 club World cup. 

The football governing body will present the test results of the system at the meeting of the International FA Board’s (Ifab) technical and football panels today. 

The Hawk-Eye is designed to notify the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) of a player in an offside position, The VAR officials will now decide if the player said to be offside is interfering with play. 

The system’ skeletal player tracking machine will actively send a signal to the to VAR for quick review before the olay continues. The VAR wouldn’t have to draw offside lines unlike before with the help of the machine. 

The Hawk-Eye system was used to provide assistant to Goal Line Technology at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia following an “extensive” plan of action. 

The Premier League made an announcement earlier this year that the League is one step closer to making use of an automated technology to determine offside situations. This was first reported in 2019 as the statement says the the league is on the verge of using a tracking technology to provide immediate offside calls. 

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Following a successful trails at some Clubs in UK in the past years, the system will be used in the Premier League next season by Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

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