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Five common habits that cause your skin to age faster

Five common habits that cause your skin to age faster

Everyone loves when they’re mistaken to be in their mid-thirties and they are approaching 50. Yes, we all want to keep having that youthful skin for as long as possible. As much as we try, aging is an inevitable process that we cannot stop. But thankfully, there are ways we can slow it down.

However, a few common everyday habits we engage in speed up our aging clock, and we may not even realize it. They include;

Too much screen time.

When our mothers told us that the TV would hurt our eyes, she wasn’t just saying it to make us turn it off. But our eyes are not the only thing the screen hurts. Exposure to blue light can trigger premature aging. 

Prolonged exposure to the sun. 

Being exposed to the sun for too long causes UV rays to penetrate the skin and damage the DNA of the skin cells leading to wrinkles.

Not getting enough sleep.

Having a crooked sleep schedule, staying up late everyday, and not getting sound sleep all make your aging clock tick faster. 


Smoking stops the skin’s ability to regenerate. The toxins in cigarette smoke cause skin stress which in turn leads to dryness and wrinkles, leaving the smoker looking years older than he is.

Unhealthy diet

Having youthful fresh skin depends on more than the creams or oils you put on it. The food you eat goes even a longer way.

Foods that have high sugar content and refined carbohydrates can damage the skin over time.

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