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Hypocrisy will be the end of Nigeria

Hypocrisy will be the end of Nigeria

The happenings in the southeast brought back a kind of nostalgia about how Boko Haram and recently the rise of banditry in the north began.

About a week ago I wrote about the need to fight extra-judicial killing in any form, this was a sequel to the killings of miss Deborah for blasphemy in Sokoto. The majority of people were quick to condemn the occurrence blaming it on religious extremism caused by the high illiteracy level of the northern region.

I can remember in the article, I made a case for us to stop playing ethnic cards concerning our security issues. No region can be left to the blame when it comes to mob action.

Now, the insecurity in the Southeast took another ugly turn over the weekend when the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) killed a pregnant Fulani woman alongside her four children which unlike the Sokoto incidents did not generate loud condemnation from people that are quick to condemn the Sokoto one.

When it was happening daily in Imo state, supporters of IPOB were joyfully singing the name ‘Unknown Gunmen’ (UGM) and calling Gov Uzodinma supreme court governor, saying he is the cause because he stole the PDP mandate. Is Soludo also a supreme court governor? Are people ready to wake up from their slumber?

Those who tacitly supported IPOB/ESN and helped spread the big lie that it was the federal government through the Department of State Security (DSS) were the ones masquerading as unknown gunmen are all recanting and lamenting as the violence hits closer to home and they can no longer deny who is doing it. Heads can no longer remain buried in the sand now.

Whenever a bomb goes off in the North, we boldly attribute it to attacks by Boko haram/Bandits. IPOB slaughtering people in Southeast, many who is quick to condemn such incidents in the north are not bold to call them out but tagging the attack to ‘criminals’; of course, they are criminals and known criminals at that, IPOB terrorist group.

Fulani herdsmen have a name. Boko haram has a name. The Muslim extremists who stoned Deborah have a name. Why are the killers of

Hon. Okechukwu suddenly nameless? Their name is IPOB/ESN. Call them out. Except you’re part and parcel of their evil. People should call this evil out!

The media is complicit in the atrocities in the South East by shifting responsibility for such atrocities to some so-called “unknown gunmen” while everyone paying attention knows IPOB and their militia are behind most of the attacks.

This is the same nonsense they did in the North by constantly pushing the “bandits” narrative when it was so glaring that these were attacks by terrorists.

It’s a shame that we have a government that cannot take the initiative in these things or at least correct them. Such a shame

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IPOB wakes up and makes threats through the leaders in the diaspora and a few days later an attack occurs in line with the threats. Yet the media will label the attackers”unknown gunmen.”

Then IPOB supporters will go on a campaign to absolve the terror organization of any blame. And speaking of “unknown gunmen,” anyone paying attention knows they’re IPOB members. Go to IPOB Facebook groups before Nnamdi Kanu got arrested and you would see their members threatening opponents that they would be visited by Unknown Gun Men (UGM) if they do not behave. There are videos making jokes about UGM too.

Armed men stroll around the streets in the East wielding guns and machetes and they are cheered. There is video evidence of this. They enter markets in their dozens to patrol or make some announcements.  And people cheer and hail them. Armed non-state agents. There are also videos of this

But each day acts of violence occur against enemies of IPOB (police, army, civil defence, politicians, those breaking sit-at-home order) the stupid media comes up with “unknown gunmen” headlines. Let us keep playing around until bombs start exploding in the Southeast. Just a matter of time

This is the same dishonesty with which Northern leaders and pro-Northern media treated Boko Haram back in the day. People who still go around saying IPOBs are peaceful (never responsible) will wake up when the violence lands on their doorsteps. Just a matter of time. Bye

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